Whois Privacy Protection with DuoServersHost

In order to put an additional level of security for one’s domain name and shield it from hacker theft besides other web attacks, the WHOIS Privacy Protection service is going to be a terrific choice. It will competently protect all of your private information, which is required to stay freely available in the domain’s WHOIS information, by just updating it using our info.
Your own personal information won’t be all that is defended. We will at the same time narrow all of the unwanted e–mail messages and deliver solely domain–related emails to your email account.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Seeing that some registrars have set Whois Privacy Protection constraints to their TLDs, we simply cannot offer the service for all of the domain names on our list. Even so, the overall number of domain names that go with Whois Privacy Protection is constantly rising and it currently includes the widest spread domains extensions.
Check out our detailed TLD info page to see which from the sold domain extensions feature Whois Privacy Protection.

SSL Certificates

Pick up SSL certificates completely from your CP

If you run an e–store, which accepts payments, it is obligatory for you to offer your website visitors a dependable payment info submission section. And this is precisely where SSL certificates can come in real handy – they encipher the connection between your website and the client. Typically, you need to go to a third–party vendor to obtain an SSL. That’s not the situation with DuoServersHost.

With DuoServersHost, you can enable a regular SSL certificate or even a wildcard SSL certificate right from your Control Panel.

SSL Certificates

Multiple Domain Name Control

Multiple domain managing done efficiently

Working with our Domain Manager is really easy, no matter whether you have one or numerous domains to administer. Via its intuitive interface, you can pick many domains at once and renew them (for one or several years), update their name servers or edit the WHOIS details associated with them in an instant.

In case you also have a web hosting account with DuoServersHost, you will be able to administer both multiple domain names and multiple web sites at the same time from one and the same location.

Multiple Domain Name Control

Set Custom DNS Records

Edit a variety of DNS records

At DuoServersHost, we give you complete control over your domains’ DNS records. Via the Custom DNS section of the Domain Manager, you will be able to alter different DNS resource records for a selected domain. These include A, AAAA, MX, NS, SRV, CNAME and TXT records. To add a new resource record, simply choose a domain and fill in the desired value in the corresponding DNS record field. To update the DNS record – click on ’Modify’; to recover the old value – click on ’Revert’.

Via the GeoIP location tool, also available in the Custom DNS section, you’ll be able to present a certain language version of your website to visitors from a specific geographic region.

Set Custom DNS Records

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